Monday, June 30, 2008

Stealth Technology

Hey dudes today we are going to discuss about the introduction of the stealth technology in air warfare.the origin of stealth technology was in the late 1960's in which sr-71 blackbird was made stealthy to the enemy radar.this technology was invisible to the enemy radar and the aircraft could fly into the enemy lines to attack or collect data about the position of the enemy.
The stealth technology will make the war so easier and some of the planes that were first made with stealth technology were b-2 stealth bomber and f-117 nighthawk and they were capable of flying into the enemy zone and destroy them.some of the disadvantages are that they could fly only during the night and they were able to fly only high altitude to be invisible to the radar.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey dudes it has been a long time since we have discussed about fighter jets, so lets see about some of the most technically advanced jets in the world.most of them have one or the other features which make them so special.the mig-29 russian made fighter jet is one of the most advanced planes in the world. it has nearly twice the speed of sound and devastating air to air missiles and air to ground missile and the upper hand in dogfights.
On the other hand the american made f-22 raptor is the most advanced plane in the us military.the f-22 has the stealth technology invisible to radar
and state of the art air to air missiles which are capable of taking out the targets in no time. so the f-22 has the upper edge in this dogfight.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hubble Telescope

Hey dudes lets see some major innovations in the world of exploration into space. some of the findings that rocked our earth are Ufo's entering into our earth and many planets that were discovered late were science innovations.many scientist discovered planets outside our solar system and finding life on other planets is going to be tough task.
Many solar systems were found and planets ranging from size of the earth to 1000 times that of the earth.many space telescopes were sent into the space like Hubble, which can see millions of times better than the naked eye.many beautiful images were sent back by the telescope about galaxies, stars, and planets.

red planet

Hello dudes sorry for not updating yesterday. now I'm just going to give an outline of exploration into mars. mars is not our closest planet in terms of distance,but it has been a revelation since our first mission into space.we have sent a large number of missions to this planet from mars pathfinder mission to phoenix till date.mars also known as he red planet has huge extinct volcanoes like olympus mons which is 600 km wide and a height of 25 km and the largest in the solar system.
Many scientist believe that there was water in the past and recently phoenix found icey rocks that were scooped for testing of any signs of life in the red planet. even once we caught upon something strange in the was face of a man in the red soil that stunned everyone. the mystery continues is there any life on this red wilderness.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

sky king

Hey dudes, today lets see about some of the major innovations in fighter's fighter aircrafts rather fighter jets are well equipped with state of the art technology like laser guided weapons, gps guided bombs which have unprecedented precision in bombing and no place to hide for the bad guys.
vel surveillancThis method gives the jets the upper hand in many mission and also their capabilities in the dogfights which needs high lee.the other ability is the stealth technology which can outclass the enemy and the most recent addition in jets is the thrust vector technology.many aircrafts like the f-22raptor Mig-35 are the most advanced jets in the world. the f-22 has the stealth tech and Mig-35 has the latest thrust vector there is major competition in the world stage for the battle to be the king of the sky.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Age In Space Exploration

Today lets see about the new arrivals in the space revolution.Its going to be very interesting in the world of space exploration.Even though we think we are exploring the space very fast, actually we are in the stone age of the space exploration.
Many of our spacecrafts have reached the end of our solar systems and still going but we don't know what lies next door?some of our spacecrafts that have reached the end of our solar system are pioneer1,pioneer2 and then voyager that have given us enough information about our planets.Galileo has explored Jupiter and sent information about its enraging storms and winds blowing up to 300km/h and the great red spot. so we know something about this giant planet.lets see the rest tomorrow.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The World Of Aerospace

Hey dudes, life started on earth millions of years ago. Life started with the stone age and the nomadic age. Men improved and developed as time passed. The only thing that has remained constant in all these ages is CHANGE. As time passed men have liked to see around the earth. They have developed to look beyond the power of nature.
As time has passed the subject of aerospace has started to become more and more interesting. Thats why films have started to be based on this beautiful subject. Have not MEN IN BLACK and STARWARS interested you?????????
If you are interested in this subject then you can log on to this interesting page of mine.